100 Degrees…Really?!

The weather this summer has been INSANE! We are on the 8th heat wave of the summer…it is unbelievable. I love to find great ways to stay cool in times like these. We love to visit the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, hit the beach or pool, and our newest favorite indulgence: Artic Zero! These frozen treats – like ice cream are served in a pint…but get this: The whole pint only has 150 calories. Like a frozen protein shake they come in great flavors such as: chocolate peanut butter, mint chocolate cookie, coffee, cookies and cream, and pumpkin spice.

What is your favorite warm weather indulgence?


School Days…

It’s that time – all the children are getting ready to go back to school (or starting school in some cases). Back to school shopping – clothes, shoes, backpacks, supplies. How are you going to document these memorable years?

As seen on the Today Show recently Mom Agenda has created the perfect way to organize your children’s school day memories.  Save report cards, artistic creations, and other remarkable work from your little ones.  High quality and durable these keepsakes are meant to last a lifetime!

Favorite new summer cocktail…

The summer is such an amazing time! The weather is warm (or extremely HOT). We love to travel and have been doing a lot of it this summer. We have been spending time at the shore, in the Hamptons, Newport, Block Island, CT…the list goes on. Everyone’s mood just seems different. Happiness…relaxation…fun.

I came across a favorite summer cocktail I have been enjoying and experimenting with. I learned of it from a restaurent in New York City, Rosa Mexicana. Not only is the recipe fantastic, the ingredients are so spectacular they have so many wonderful uses! Here is my rendition:

2 oz. Crop Harvest Organic Cucumber Vodka
4 oz. Fresh Pineapple juice
3 oz. Bonterra Organic Viognier (White Wine)
English Cucumber
Fresh Mint
Apple sliced
Optional :Simple Syrup (or ginger infused simple syrup)

Serves 3 and is appoximately 105 calories per serving

The conversion process…big boy bed!

Who would think changing our sons bed from a crib to a big boy bed would be so difficult?

Choosing our sons furniture was a task in itself. What to buy? Something that converts? What color and design?! I fell in love with a French brand, Morigeau Lepine. They are known for their timeless design and durability. I figured to invest in furniture I wanted something that would stand up and last into our son’s teen years. We picked a great modern design in a dark wood finish. It looks amazing.

A few months ago our son figured out how to hop out of the crib and we were doomed. Time to ourselves vanished and our son was soon spending the night in our room. It was time to think about his big boy bed and new room design.

Word of advice – get any conversion kits when buying furniture. We decided to wait. Why spend the extra money before we need to? Morigeau along with several other top childrens funiture manufactures went under so not only finding the kit, but the price increased. We were fortunate to get our furniture from Karl’s Kids Furniture on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. They were so helpful throughout the whole process.

Then came getting the kit home and new mattress. All of these processes without an SUV and with baby were quite a challenge. I eventually went over to pick up the mattress and sweet talked a man with a truck to bring it home for me?! Then the process of picking sheets, blankets, etc. Color, design?

So many decisons to make as these children get older. How do you keep them in their room? When is the right time to convert or move them to a bigger bed? Thoughts? Advice?

Picture perfect…

You know how quickly those first weeks and months pass by?! All of the sudden your little one does not seem so little any more! I came across this great idea I loved and wanted to share with all you new moms. Please take a look. Documenting those times are such a great memory. Print a book or hang photos on the wall. What is your favorite way to document your little ones?


The Perfect Egg…everytime

I have gotten the question lately on how to properly cook hard boiled eggs. I often times cook them at the beginning of the week to keep in the fridge for an easy snack. My son and I often just eat the egg whites, but having an occasional yolk is fine too. Egg whites are high in protein and a great snack.

Bring water to boil and carefully immerse eggs into water. Bring temperature down to low and allow eggs to cook for 12 minutes. Take out of water and allow to cool. If the days are a few days old they are often easier to peel the shells off so allow a few days before boiling or store in the refridge for up to 5 days.

Hard boiled eggs are a great snack…also try egg salad or egg white salad (a favorite of mine). Think about limiting mayo, using a low fat alternative, dijon mustard or veganaise.