Newest favorite Drink!~

Everyone is aware of water’s enumerable benefits – nothing beats a cold gulp of pure water. But some things come pretty close… MADE!

Here’s the idea behind MADE: paying attention to what we consume, not just to avoid the bad but also to embrace the good. And enhance it! Certified organic, all-natural and totally refreshing with bright, crisp flavors like Blueberry Lemonade and Blackberry Peach. MADE contains only the best organic, natural ingredients. Vegan and Gluten free too!

Conjured in a kitchen using ingredients grown by farmers, MADE draws its name from just that. It’s made by people for people. The result is simple, honest refreshment.

Here’s the scoop on MADE. It’s manufactured aseptically which allows it to be packaged without preservatives, making it healthy for consumers and allowing it to be shipped and stored without refrigeration, which the earth thanks them for. All bottles are #1 (the most widely accepted for recycling), and are BPA Freeh. Always awesome to see a company’s considerations extending to all facets of the product.

MADE comes in eight great flavors including: Raspberry Peach, Strawberry Lemonade and Cranberry Limeade, available in natural and gourmet grocery stores across the country. For more information, go to:


Find out what is making your child sick…

As children start school and the weather begins to change cold and flu season are upon us. I came across this great resource to answer your questions regarding symptoms and what is making your child sick.

Here is to a quick, and healthy fall and winter!

My latest, greatest finds…

Always a fan of fashion – I remember moving to New York City and going crazy over all the fabulous shopping! At the time it seemed my job was to pay rent, go shopping and go out. I may not have taken seriously finding great designer deals. I saw something I loved and I figured out how to get it. These days…things are quite different. I LOVE scoping out and finding great deals. I have a little more time on my hands and with the economy the way it is who can afford to not make their money stretch as fas as possible. Also becoming a mother I find myself buying things for my son, or husband definitely before buying for myself!

Last week I ran into Daffy’s on Chestnut Street. It is not a store I frequent, But I had noticed they have great European Brands for children. Skyler is due for a new pair of sneakers and I love their selection. Not only did I find him amazing sneakers at a fraction of what they normally cost, they had some great toys too. A large selection of Melissa and Doug, great children’s kitchen set, race cars, puzzles, etc.

On my way out I decided to just sweep thru the women’s shoes. I knew I was pressing my luck and was on borrowed time, but I found the most amazing European OTK boots (at the right price too!~). Very successful trip! The fall and winter are upon us and I know my haviana’s just won’t take me thru it!

Eating Mindfully

As I have gotten older (and of course wiser) I have taken a new approach to eating. I have the knowledge to know what foods are both good and bad for me. I know that not one diet or eating plan will work for everyone and finding what works best for you can be a process. Too many people have a love/hate relationship with food which is not healthy. We need to eat to live not necessarily live to eat. Proper nutrition gives us the building blocks to grow and function throughout the day.

Mindful eating (also called intuitive eating) uses our internal cues for hunger, appetite and satiety to guide us in eating. As infants, we naturally follow these cue, but as outside influences take over we often times sway from these natural habits.

Mindful eating is positive. It’s part of living well, leading a healthy lifestyle and accepting the diversity of size of bodies in their healthy states.

Mindful eating uses our bodies’ cues to guide us in when, what and how much to eat for satisfaction and well-being. By listening to your body, focusing on the foods you crave and savoring the taste most often you will eat less and enjoy your food more. Afterall if you body craves something it often needs the nutrients.

Fennel Salad – what flavor!~

Tonight I made a wonderful fennel salad. I love to mix things up in the kitchen. Dinner is always complemented with some sort or soup or salad. Tonights salad really brought out the flavors of the other ingredients and is such a lovely way to start (or finish) a meal.

Fennel Bulb (Anise)
Olive Oil
Fresh Grated Cheese

Shave fennel bulb with slicer crosswise into paper-thin slices until you have enough to measure 1 packed cup. Mix in bowl with olive oil, fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. Shave fresh parmesan or other cheese over top and mix well.


Fall is in the Air

The weather is beautiful. The extreme heat is gone. It is almost chilly in the morning. A very refreshing time of year. What I am most excited for as the season changes is moving into the next phase of seasonal eating. I absolutely adore root vegetables. They are so tasty – and grounding. Root vegetables are exactly as they sound – the roots of plants used as vegetables. These veggies are full of nutrients and thrive during these months…especially at a time when other fruits and veggies are scarce.

Last night I made a great side dish that is so easy to prepare and delicious to keep on hand. The great flavors and colors are big hit with children. You could even cut them in the shape of french fries!

Root Veggie Recipe

(You can easily adapt this to your taste preferences)

Sweet potato
Eggplant I
Lotus root (was an after thought, but would be delicious)

Cut them up into little cubes. Toss them in a bowl with a little Extra Virgin olive oil, Sea Salt, and Pepper. Spread them out on a baking sheet. Bake on 350-400 Degrees. I prefer baking at lower temperatures if time allows. Baking time will vary, but check every 15 mins to spread vegetables around. The last 10-15 minutes feel free to add fresh parmesean cheese, or garlic and rosemary.

Enjoy! I would love to hear your feedback.

P.s. I had a new discovery while cooking this last night. Everyone knows how wonderful raw foods (veggies) are for you. While cutting the beets I came across a new favorite snack. The beets were amazing raw. If you can get over the stained hands – these are full of flavor and crunch too!

Who doesn’t need a little vacation?

We are back – from what was a well needed vacation. My husband and I took a few days to relax with friends in The Hamptons for Labor Day while our son Skyler recharged at the beach with Gigi and G-pa. Afterwards we reconnected and continued our vacation together…and then mommy took some time to herself too.

Some alone and special family time together was incredible – visiting a vinyard, relaxing, playing tennis, swimming, grilling! Thank you Amy and David for the most beautiful surroundings and the greatest of friends. Then I jet off to New York City for a few days of “work” helping run and produce a variety of fashion shows and presentations for the Spring 2011 Collections. Being out of my element I love going back to New York to recharge. Everyone else calls it work and I call it my “mommy vacation.”

The boys had the most amazing time together. The most time they had ever spend together without mommy. They did everything from swimming, to the petting zoo, car show, amusement park, and Central Park.

It is so wonderful now to be home. So I am back – ready to get back to providing you with the lastest and greatest of all things healthy, green and family.