What are you enjoying for breakfast?

Lately breakfast has really been my favorite part of the day. So many great choices to choose from. I am a huge fan of Greek yogurt, fruit…and especially steel cut oats over the winter. What has been catching my eye lately? The great variety of healthy and natural granola’s that have been hitting the market. In the past I thought of granola as more of a runners treat. I remember running races when I was in High School and using it as a great post race snack. Always tasty, but often high in calories. We have gotten smarter about our ingredients and portions and now have so many great healthier options. While in CT recently I became obsessed with Ola Granola, a local company that has been hitting the granola market by storm. The addictive granola they have created comes in Vanilla Almond and Cranberry Orange Pecan. On a mission to keep it stocked in our home I let my husband know we could find it near his office in just one store where we live in Philadelphia. While looking for it he stumbled across another great brand: Julie Ann’s. He brought home Berry Yummy PB&J Granola and Maple Blueberry. Not only are we enjoying it for breakfast but they taste great any time of day as a snack. Try it with milk, in trail mix, on frozen yogurt/ice cream, sprinkled on muffins…the options are endless!


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