Clarisonic…anti-aging at its finest

Looking to transform your skin? I am. At nine months pregnant with number two on the way – I am looking to do just about anything to feel good and look younger. Afterall – who isn’t?! I recently broke down and invested in the Clarisonic skincare system. I was getting lazy about taking care of my face…Especially exhausted as I was at the end of the day. Using the same technology as the ever popular sonic care toothbrush the clarisonic cleans skin penetrating deep to remove make-up, dead skin and helps decrease the visibility of pores. Who doesn’t need that! It is easy, fast and convenient. And the difference you’ll see is immeadiate. I love that my package comes with body brush as well so bringing in the shower allows for an all-over body massage and deep cleaning. Similar to what so many spas and salons use how could you possibly go wrong. A little bit of heaven at home. A little pampering goes a long way


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