Bye bye puffy eyes…

To say this week has been exhausting is an understatement. Liam, my three month old has been eating every two to three hrs at night. I am pretty sure I need to start introducing a little formula in the evenings to fill him up. The past two nights I have filled the bottle to give it a shot, but I have hesitated putting the bottle into the fridge as if I am going to use it later. Why do I hesitate?! I allowed Skyler to have formula and look how great he turned out. It is not as though I have never given him formula…just not often. Since when do I have this type A personality that I need to be in control?! Any advice would be greatly appreciated…

Anyway – back to the topic at point. I’m exhausted…trying to do my hair to mask the tired appearance. A little makeup helps too. But the new Clinique all about eyes serum I recently was introduced to puts a smile on my face. The cool application of the roll on applicator gives me the confidence I need to make it out the door – ready to tackle another day.

They have samples at Sephora…I definitely recommend checking it out


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