Is it really February already?! Where does the time go?

Remember the days of grade school when each year seemed like an eternity? You thought summer vacation was always so far away and then summer was over before you knew it. Well, these days life seems like a race….the is never enough hours in the day and time seems to be speeding by. So is life as you get older. I never thought I would admit it, but although I have a mentality that I feel 26 I have been been looking around and noticing things that make me feel older lately.

After my second pregnancy my hair is so much thinner. I cut my hair recently thinking a fresh shorter cut would be cute and easier to style…it somehow looks dark and flat…I need to get back to the Salon pronto! This is not acceptable! In order to feel good one needs to look good. It that means waking up at 5am to go to the gym and extra salon visits…so be it! I refuse to give up:)

At the playground the other day, my three year old went to play with the older kids. I watched from the side and when offering a ball for the kids to play with I all the sudden felt like the annoying mother overseeing the group. He is only three…I live it a City for goodness sake!

My seven month old just got his first tooth and is becoming increasingly mobile. When I out him in his crib for a nap yesterday he fought it by sitting up, and trying to pull himself up up so he could escape…how did this happen so quickly?

So I apologize for getting behind on the blog lately. I will update over the next few days and get back on track. Lots of great things to share with all of you!