Organic, Local, Conventional…oh my!


I was so excited to come across this poster recently.  Friends and clients are always asking me about the importance of where we get our food from.  I always make sure I trust my sources.  After all, they are nourishing my family.  Having the organic certification, verifies that there are no pesticides used and when it comes to livestock the animals must be reared with regular access to land and without regular antibiotics and growth hormones.   It has been proven that these foods are safer, taste better and have higher nutritional value than their conventional counterparts.  Getting organic certification is very expensive.  This the raises the cost to consumers.  Smaller local farms often use these practices but do not have the means to get certified.  I find that sourcing local ingredients often gets me the same quality at better prices. 

The picture above is a great tool to use in the market to find out exactly what your buying.  Not a bad idea to keep this chart handy!


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