Choosing the best summer camp for your kids!

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1. You have the opportunity to expose your child to variety of activities – they might not think they like something but after exposure an enthusiastic counselors get kids to try new things. Kids build confidence!

2. Make sure the camp is accredited. The American Camping Association provides its member camps with ongoing education and a community of camp professionals to provide training and support. The standards provide a bench mark of rules and regulations that should be attained to provide campers the safe, caring and healthy summer camp experience we all want for our kids.

3. Make sure your child is ready. Choose an age appropriate camp and make sure your child is ready for the experience. Some camps such as Pine Forest Camp, have an explorer camp program when they can try camp out for a weekend.

4. Visit camps the year before and attend open houses. Meet the owners and directors. See what the staff is like and witness the camper experience. Ask and notice what makes the camp stand out.

5. Experience matters. Seek out a camp who has been in the business and has significant experience in the camp world.

6. Retention rates – How many of the campers return season after season?

7. Involve your children – after all this where they will be spending their summer. Let them be part of the process.


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