Earth Day 2014


Earth Day is a great time to evaluate what you are doing to make a difference with your environmental footprint.

Do you recycle?
Usually half of what we throw out each day can be recycled.
Plastic, cardboard, paper, books and magazines? Electronics too! Teaching children to recycle makes it fun. Allow them to be a part of the process. It makes environmentally responsible adults to

Have you gotten on trend with Composting? Composting is the recycling of organic (not necessarily certified organic) material. For a list of thing you could be composting click here. Bennett compost in Philadelphia makes it easy. You can find a company to work with in most major cities. Look at this list of things you could be composting. Live in the suburbs? You can do it yourself at home too!

Reuse, repurpose or pass on.

Use more efficient energy sources? Look into solar power. Check out your local energy companies for helpful ways to decrease your energy costs. Check out greener gadgets online from smart thermostats, to smart power strips, watt meters, and more!


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