New Year, New You?

Happy New Year!

I love this time of year for fresh beginnings.  Getting organized, making healthy choices, etc.

I am so excited to share Dr. Hyman’s 10 Day Detox.  I experienced the detox over the summer and had amazing results.  It is a great way to cleanse the system and start the New Year off right.  It is not easy…but the reward is worth it.

To get started, I recommend buying:

The Blood Sugar Solution 10 Day Detox Diet by Dr. Mark Hyman

book - dr hyman

The book is a great easy read and will add to what you get out of the detox.

Next up to get started, I suggest ordering your vitamins.  You can order them directly from Dr. Hyman or the most cost effective way is to order them from Vitacost.  This way you can split them with a friend or have enough to continue taking them post detox. If you have never ordered from Vitacost please use this referral link to receive $10 off.  They have great quality vitamins at the best prices I have found.

The vitamins seemed unnecessary at first, but I can truly say they are an important component of the detox and I recommend taking them.  The most important of which is the PGX.

Here is the breakdown:

Multivitamin – take as directed

Purified Fish Oil – 2 grams

Vitamin D3 – 2,000 IU

Chromium* – 500 – 1000 micrograms

Zinc* – 15 – 30 milligrams

Alpha lipoic acid* – 300-600 milligrams

Cinnamin* – 500 – 1000 milligrams

Green tea catechins* – 100 – 200 milligrams

PGX (powder or capsules) – 2.5 – 5 grams before each meal

Magnesium Citrate – 200-300 milligrams (1 to 2 times daily)

* these can be found combined in a special supplement.

You will want to take the vitamins for at least 10 days.


PGX is an amazing super fiber.  It’s compound makes it stand out among other fiber supplements


Next up…preparing for the detox.


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